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December 19, 2014.

Murmur play at Samuel’s, Thirroul.  8-11pm. Free entry.

More December news 2014

Slowing down. As we head closer to Xmas things can get so busy…the stress and exhaustion of the year builds.

We have had so much rain ..and that causes delays too…but yesterday I had five minutes of sitting on the back verandah

with the dog; The wind and rain were wild. It was the first time in ages that I felt like I didnt have to go anywhere, do anything,

or rush about. It was so lovely, and so easy to be there…in the middle of a torrential storm, yet peaceful.

Early this morning- the water, the shining steel, the glass and coffee cups rinsing in the sink spoke of the beauty in the simple.

December 2014 News

Welcome to the Onmusic website and the music, images and info updates of

Sydney based guitarist Luke O’Neill.

Gigging later this month (Dec 19) with the trio Murmur at Samuel’s in Thirroul.

This features David Gale on drums and Matt Dickson on bass with myself on various guitars

and vocals.

November 2014 news

Welcome to This site provides information and music on Sydney based guitarist and composer Luke O’Neill.

Today I’ve been listening to new music by two young musicians from the Southern Hoghlands of N.S.W.

Thomas Zachary is a great cellist and ambient music composer. He’s been working on several new music-scapes including

‘Threnody for Robin Williams’. Highly evocative recordings that feature Thomas overdubbing himself as he plays a range of instruments including:

cello, tabla, guitar, electric bass, piano and voice.

Joe Murray is a captivating guitarist, singer and songwriter. His original songs feature lyrics full of neo-psychadelic imagery. The dreaminess of his music’s atmosphere is emphasized through his high, moody vocals whlist being grounded by his well-crafted acoustic guitar playing.

June 2014

Welcome to the website of Sydney based musician Luke O’Neill.

At the moment doing some recording with guitarist Mike Caen (see photo). We’re discussing guitar duet ideas for live work. A real pleasure to play with Mike.

April 2014 news

Welcome to the website of sydney based guitarist Luke O’Neill.

Performed with guitarist Guiseppe Zangari and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra from April 3 to 5th.

The concert was the ‘Gladiator’ film featuring the live soundtrack written by Hans Zimmer and

Lisa Gerrard. Wonderfully conducted by L.A. based Justin Freer.

Mid March 2014

Welcome to the website of Sydney based musician Luke ONeill.

Performed a set a blues and jazz tunes with South african singer Trude Aspeling on Sunday afternoon (23/3/14). The concert was put on by Leichardt City Council and was held in Lilyfield War Memorial Park. A great community music event. Other acts were Wendy Matthews and her band.

March 2014

Whilst in Chile we visited the Andean mountains around Pucon, close to the Argentinian border. Here we are with the Volcano el Lanin in the background.

January 2014

Welcome to the website for Australian guitarist and composer Luke O’Neill.

Last year was a big one. One of the highlights being graduating with my Creative Arts Research Masters degree.

Lots of words and sounds about numbers and the music ideas of percussionist Greg Sheehan. I will post the thesis and audio tracks here very soon.

July 2013

Hi , welcome to  the site for Australian guitarist Luke O’Neill.

I have been taking some time to read some interviews from a pile of ‘downbeat’ music magazines from the 70′s;

master drummers like Philly Joe Jones and Tony Williams, bassist Alfonso Johnson, conga player Mongo Santamaria…Guitarists: Santana and Phil Manzanera. Philly Joe had some interesting things to say on touring overseas and eeking out an existence as a jazz player in the U.S…how in Europe there were great gigs and appreciation but he was at home in the U.S.; this is where he chose to work even if that meant it wasn’t as easy financially.

Professional artistic people have to make these decisions all the time.

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