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January 2014

Welcome to the website for Australian guitarist and composer Luke O’Neill.

Last year was a big one. One of the highlights being graduating with my Creative Arts Research Masters degree.

Lots of words and sounds about numbers and the music ideas of percussionist Greg Sheehan. I will post the thesis and audio tracks here very soon.

April 2013

We have chosen where to live…made a commitment! And I handed in my Masters thesis yesterday! It’s all come together.

August 2012 news

August, 2012 update for the website of Australian musician Luke O’Neill.

Hello all,

Here is an artwork by Picton artist Ruby Little-Clarke. Definitely makes me miss those Picton hills!

Lately I’ve been enjoying working on film soundtrack composition and sound design as part of my teaching at the Centre for Digital Media and Design at Wollongong Tafe. The facilities, staff and the students there are great. Sadly the newly introduced budgetary cut backs by TAFE NSW means the CDMD section will only have our invaluable technical officer Colin Coakes 1.5 days a week rather than full-time. A real blow to the sections ability to function at full steam. In the recording studio I’ve had some fun with ‘Two trains through Treetops’, a soundscape scored for four electric guitars and 4 bowed cymbals. It is my sonic take on the the ugly and amazing sounds two coal trains make as they intersect each other near my home in Stanwell Park. With the help of my friend Ricky Zalewski an mp3 will be up soon…actually try this  (it starts very gradually, so be patient): Two Trains 64kb (Wind-GTR and Wave-Bowed Cymbals)

April 2012 news

Just back from a 10 day travel through the South Island of N.Z. Did some research into the music scene and there seems to be potential for touring next year to festivals in Cardona, Dunedin and Queenstown.

Here in Oz, we have a Mutual Acquaintances gig on this Saturday (the 21st) in Wollongong at the Illawarra Folk Club (

In the ‘New Music’ area I’ve recently visited Kraig Grady, a Wollongong based Californian composer, to discuss ideas on a piece I’ve started work on that will need

a ‘Just Intonation’ approach. Kraig and his partner Terumi Narushima are composers who create much of their work with this tuning system. For more on Kraig’s music go to

June news

Life is thankfully setting down. Clearing and clawing my way through a murky swamp of foreign influences and ‘trabajo’.

Still on the move but resolution has to be near…doesn’t it! To stick to the decisions we make can be hard! If you’re born to do something you must do it. Been completing my violin and guitar piece “On the Gib” for Jacqui Miller…it’s all in the editing…I could keep refining this for ages but deadlines have prevented this indulgence.

My first post

Working with Ricky here at Wild Street.

Picton leaves by Robbie Lambert

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