Just back from a 10 day travel through the South Island of N.Z. Did some research into the music scene and there seems to be potential for touring next year to festivals in Cardona, Dunedin and Queenstown.

Here in Oz, we have a Mutual Acquaintances gig on this Saturday (the 21st) in Wollongong at the Illawarra Folk Club (www.illawarrafolkclub.org.au)

In the ‘New Music’ area I’ve recently visited Kraig Grady, a Wollongong based Californian composer, to discuss ideas on a piece I’ve started work on that will need

a ‘Just Intonation’ approach. Kraig and his partner Terumi Narushima¬†are composers who create much of their work with this tuning system. For more on Kraig’s music go to www.anaphoria.com

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