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June news

Life is thankfully setting down. Clearing and clawing my way through a murky swamp of foreign influences and ‘trabajo’.

Still on the move but resolution has to be near…doesn’t it! To stick to the decisions we make can be hard! If you’re born to do something you must do it. Been completing my violin and guitar piece “On the Gib” for Jacqui Miller…it’s all in the editing…I could keep refining this for ages but deadlines have prevented this indulgence.

May News

Straight into May… life by the sea isn’t all smooth sailing, won’t go much further than to say I’m learning alot. A great deal of challenge in many areas of my life. Remind myself to breathe; lots of good food and good sleep. Here is a drawing of an iris by my daughter of the same name.

March news

Still alot going on…but April will bring a break! Just back from gigs in Melbourne  (the Forum) and Sydney (the Enmore).

Very busy doing charts for my students and learning a Bartok flute and guitar duet. And there is still Masters work and ‘multimedia audio concepts’ to cover. Why have I done this to myself?

My wife Robbie is opening her SAGE photographic exhibition at the moment so routine has evaporated. The exhibit has been well received though and it’s great to see all the work come to fruition. The rain has made Picton lovely and green again.

February news

So much happening. Too many commitments and not enough time. I’ve needed to backburn my material for a few weeks till things settle down. By April I will start getting things ready to re-record the Nest CD songs. March events include some touring gigs, finishing off ‘the mutual acquaintances’ CD project, and sound design research. I’ll be happy if I stay afloat!

January 2011 news

Yes, I completed a 10 track demo by december 17! I’ll post a sample or two very soon! The music features the flautist Emma Knott. Also just finished an 8 track Cd with The Mutual Acquaintances. Noe Efira did a wonderful job behind the desk. Tomorrow I’ve got a soundtrack to work on with my nieces Alethea and Ciara for junior Tropfest.

November news

As usual the year races by. Reminded myself to get 6 new pieces recorded and uploaded by December 20.

Love a deadline. Life’s little distractions are the things to avoid. Planning to do rough demos by the end of this month.

Workshopping some of the tunes with Emma Knott who is a great classical flautist.

Photo here is of Guerilla Bay, near Moruya, by Robbie.

Celtic band tour

Just got back from the ‘Mutual Acquaintances’ tour of the Southern Highlands. Playing Celtic and original celtic infused pieces this band features Michael Spencer on accordion/vocals. Ian Barker (bouzouki/vocals), Brett Geyer on Uillean pipes and myself on guitar.

We played Berrima and Marulan saturday lunch and evening respectively. The concerts were well received and CD sales were good.

Luke O’Neill/ guitar music

New music on the way

Some demo samples for the forthcoming CD on the way.

Studio return

We’ve just had a week camping near Moruya on the South Coast of NSW. On the way we spent a couple of nights in Bungonia National Park.

Very inspiring and refreshing to be close to nature again. Really needed a full week to unwind and be ready to get back into it. More holidays please!

Luke O’Neill/ music/guitar

September news: and Luke O’Neill

Following a serious head-down period of teaching and academic wrestling I’m coming up for air. A position working as music development officer with Aboriginal musicians in Wingellina, W.A., presented itself too. However I’ve decided to keep things simple and stick to my family focused lifestyle. Mind awareness is what I want to develop at the moment and I don’t want too many new things in the way of this learning. On top of this I need to stay with my commitment to get new music recorded by christmas.

Iris is getting her artwork ready for entry into the Picton show. Here is a vibrant horse image that she has been developing for a while.

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