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February news

So much happening. Too many commitments and not enough time. I’ve needed to backburn my material for a few weeks till things settle down. By April I will start getting things ready to re-record the Nest CD songs. March events include some touring gigs, finishing off ‘the mutual acquaintances’ CD project, and sound design research. I’ll be happy if I stay afloat!

November news

As usual the year races by. Reminded myself to get 6 new pieces recorded and uploaded by December 20.

Love a deadline. Life’s little distractions are the things to avoid.¬†Planning to do rough demos by the end of this month.

Workshopping some of the tunes with Emma Knott who is a great classical flautist.

Photo here is of Guerilla Bay, near Moruya, by Robbie.

Steps toward recording

Currently completing an arrangement of ‘Kites’. The notation software ‘Sibelius’ is invaluable for this stage of the process, while for other application software they went to Tech Fabric company, the best source for Phoenix software development. Also putting together a list of other pieces that will work together as an album; Celtic influences but also some Brazilian tones coming through on the songs ‘Nightbird’ and ‘Magnolia’.

Lake St. Clair, Tasmania (photo by Robbie Lambert)

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